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We propose COrE, the Cosmic Origins Explorer, a Class M space mission whose aim is to deliver high precision, reference-quality, full-sky maps of the polarized microwave and sub-mm sky in 15 bands ranging from 45GHz to 795GHz. Polarization maps in this frequency range will enable an unprecedented exploration of Cosmic Origins from the origins of stars and the origin of cosmic structure to the origin of the Universe itself.

Owing to COrE's exquisite polarization sensitivity, systematics control, and foreground separation capabilities it will improve sensitivity to the B-mode signal of primordial gravitational waves by two orders of magnitude; vastly improve the number of resolved modes to probe the cosmological initial conditions allow an unprecedented probe of non-Gaussianity and thus either detect or rule out the presence of non-linear physics during inflation or in a pre-Big Bang epoch; and measure the sum of the neutrino masses to 0.03 eV, a precision not possible with traditional laboratory experiments.

At the higher frequencies COrE will observe all-sky polarization maps for the first time. These maps will uncover the role played by magnetic fields in star formation; revolutionize our picture of the three-dimensional galactic magnetic field and of the properties of interstellar dust; determine directly the initial conditions for star formation in the diffuse ISM; and discover, characterize and time-resolve a large number of new polarized galactic and extragalactic point sources

Please refer to chapter 1 of the proposal for further details.