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The COrE mission is composed by a single instrument on-board a single spacecraft (which is quite similar to Planck), in orbit around the second Lagrangian point (L2) of the Sun-Earth system on a 500000/800000 km orbit, like Herschel. It is a spinning survey instrument able to realise a new full sky survey about every 6 months, since the spin axis direction is constrained to remain relatively close (less than 20 degrees) to anti-solar.

In the following, we analyse the system implication of the changes with respect to Planck, like for instance a smaller maximum diameter of the fairing on a Soyuz, the pointing strategy or the telemetry increase due to the large increase in the number of detectors. This analysis shows the feasibility of the mission by capitalizing on the technical heritage and demonstrated successes of the Planck/Herschel program. tab5 tab6